Fun Workplace Games to Boost Employee Morale

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Fun Workplace Games to Boost Employee Morale

Workplace games often begin like this:

Today, we are going to start this meeting with a team building activity,” followed by a low groan heard throughout the building. Almost inaudible, but so low and deep it can be felt at your core.

We have all had to do team building activities from the time we were in grade school: the classic icebreaker where we need to find the person who have never left the state or has traveled to 12 countries; a ropes course where we have to work together to get across or fall in the mud pool; a three legged race designed to get us to work together but ends with a bruised ego and a swollen ankle.

Instead of forcing the team building activity, let’s create an atmosphere of fun. Bonding with your coworkers and building friendships will only help your business model. You’ll build a company culture where your employees want to come to work to be with your team. Your team will be engaged and productive. Your employees may find that they are having a good time both at work and home, achieving a quality work life balance. A Gallup study reported that engaged companies consistently outperform the competition when it comes to things like profits, productivity, and turnover. You don’t need a study to know that if your employees are enjoying their work, it will show in the company atmosphere and it will show to your customers.

With that, here are 10 workplace games that will help you achieve a productive, happier team.

1) Heads Up or Password

This is a simple game you play with your smartphone. Download the Heads Up! app (Apple, Android) on to your smartphone or tablet (there is a board game available also). The rules are simple and can be played as teams or with just a partner. First, pick a topic. Player one holds the smartphone to their forehead with the screen facing their teammate. Their team has to give clues without saying the word till their partner guesses right before the timer runs out. With each correct clue, player one will move the screen up to move the game to the next clue. The team with the most clues at the end of the timed session is the winner.

2) Charades

The classic workplace game will leave you in stitches and is so easy for all team members to play.  You can split up your team and have them compete against each other, or you can just keep the team together and designate one participant to give the silent clues to the whole room. You might want to set a timer to make sure everyone gets a turn to give their clues. Have some pre-selected topics on 3×5 cards. The answers written on the 3×5 cards can be dictionary words, titles of books, movies, or TV shows. Just remember the silent performance by the clue giver should focus on physically acting out the clues, not mouthing the words or making other noises.

3) Switch sides

Spilt the office table in half with a piece of colorful tape. Everyone stands on one side of the table. The leader for the day will have a list of funny questions. Whoever answers yes to the question has to switch sides of the table. This quick office game will get everyone moving and lift the spirits of your team.

4) Board Game Marathon

It can be a board game or just a simple pack of cards during a lunch break. This a shift away from a computer screen and a throwback to face to face interaction. It is simple and easy. Anyone up for backgammon?

5) Trivia

History or arts and leisure? Sports or geography? Just pull up a box of trivia questions perhaps from the classic Trivial Pursuit. You can play the board game or just ask the questions over lunch. Or, split into teams and ask a quick round of questions to get everyone jumping in with their answers. With additional boxes, you can mix up the questions to give everyone a chance.

6) Post-It Note Mosaic

With a few colorful Post-It notes, you never know what your team will do. Check out what this office did in New York: it has been called the great office Post-It battle. Two office buildings that were opposite from each other decorated and sent messages to each other. Put a bunch of colorful Post-Its on the table and see what they can create.

7) M&M or Skittles Game

This workplace game lets your team get to know each other. It’s a perfect icebreaker for companies that are just starting out and have hired tons of new employees. Simply pour M&Ms or Skittles into a bowl and have participants grab as many or as little as they want from the bowl. For each piece they take, they have to answer a question, such as their favorite color, hobby, or country they’ve visited. You can change the questions as needed depending on your group.

8) Quick Draw

Pen and paper, a dry erase board and markers, a tablet, and an e-pen are all options with this game. Like the classic Pictionary board game, you can see who can beat the timer and draw out the best clues for their teammates.

9) Categories

No supplies needed for this game! Just name a category (for example: cats, types of homes, presidents) and see how many your team can name before repeating or missing an answer. This is a great game for all generations. Once they start, it might be hard for them to stop playing.

10) Paper Airplane Contest

A long hallway and some paper is all you need. Who can go the distance? Who can fly the highest? Who needed just a few more folds? Set your own office rules and make sure everyone gets a shot at flying.

Workplace games are a great way to get everyone in the company engaged. The more engaged your team is, the better they work together and the more the overall quality of their work improves. Need more workplace game ideas? Contact Karen Curione today!